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Place Names

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Scaleber - The hill with the shieling (hut or high pasture) (Old Norse + Old English/Old Norse)
Scosthrop - Skott's outlying farmstead (Old Norse personal name + Old Norse)
Scotchergill - Probably 'Skott's ravine where flat stones are found', (Old Norse personal name + Old Norse)
Sedbergh - A hill with a flat or seat-shaped top (Old Norse)
Sedbusk - Bush near the shieling (hut or high pasture), (Old Norse)
Selside - Shieling (hut or high pasture) by the willow trees (Old Norse)
Semer Water - The lake pool (Old English)
Settle - A dwelling place (Old Norse)
Shunner Fell - The look-out hill or Sjon's hill (Old Norse personal name + Old Norse)
Silverdale - The silver valley, most likely describing the grey limestone of the area (Old Norse/Old English)
Simonstone - Sigemund's rock (Old English personal name + Old Norse)
Skipton - The sheep farm. Norse influence changed the softer 'Shipton' into the harder 'Skipton' (Old English)
Skyreholme - The bright water-meadow (Old Norse)
Skythorns - The bright thorn bushes (Old Norse)
Smearsett - The butter pasture (Old Norse)
Snaygill - The snake-infested nook of land (Old Norse + Old English)
Southerscales - Sutari's shielings (huts or high pastures), (Old Norse occupational name, meaning 'shoemaker')
Stackhouse - The houses for stacking hay (Old Norse)
Stainforth - The stony ford (Old Norse + Old English)
Starbotton - The valley bottom where stakes are cut (Old Norse)
Stirton - The farmstead near the main road (Old English)
Storiths - The plantations (on Beamsley) (Old Norse)
Strid, The - The striding place (Old English)
Studfold - The horse enclosure (Old English)
Sulber - The sunny hill (Old Norse)
Swale, River - The rushing river (Old English)
Swaledale - The valley of the Swale (The rushing river) (Old Norse/Old English)
Swinacote - The cottage by the ford where the swine cross (Old English + Old Norse + Old English)
Swinithwaite - The clearing made by burning (Old Norse)

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Starbotton - The valley bottom where stakes are cut (Old Norse)    more  places »
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