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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 25 January

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

Countryside Alliance wins major political award

Friday 25 January 2008
The Countryside Alliance has been declared the most "inspiring political personality" of the last ten years in the Channel 4 News political awards. The organisation won the title "for its campaigns against the fox hunting ban and its defence of rural life."

Biofuel debate splits countryside

Thursday 24 January 2008
GOVERNMENT plans announced in Parliament yesterday (Wednesday, January 22) to increase the number of crops planted in Britain to provide biofuels for cars and trucks have opened a big divide between various rural interest groups.

Flood All Clear for most Dales rivers

Wednesday 23 January 2008
THE Environment Agency has issued "All clear" signals for most of the upper reaches of Yorkshire Dales rivers - although there is still an ominous build-up as many of these rivers join the Ouse near York.

Applause for fire-fighters as flood-hit residents celebrate their return

Wednesday 23 January 2008
FLOOD-HIT residents in a sheltered housing scheme in Richmondshire held a party to celebrate their return home - just days before more floods hit the region.

Flood alerts lifted - for now

Tuesday 22 January 2008
PROPERTY owners on the banks of several Yorkshire Dales rivers are keeping their fingers crossed today (Tuesday, January 22), hoping that the risks of severe flooding have passed and the promise of a break in the heavy rains of the past weeks.

Floods: Environment Agency mobilises

Monday 21 January 2008
OFFICIALS at the Environment Agency put their staff on full mobilisation alert today (Monday, January 21) as floods threatened almost every major river in Yorkshire.

Boost for business in Richmond and Catterick Garrison

Monday 21 January 2008
BUSINESSES in Richmond and Catterick Garrison stand to benefit from a cash boost of up to £25,000.


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