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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 5th October

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

Can Trees grow from Plastic Money?

Friday 05 October 2007
DALES, environmental charity Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) is hoping to raise thousands of pounds via a new debit card scheme.

Hidden History exhibition returns home

Friday 05 October 2007
A SPECIAL exhibition highlighting the history of Black and Asian people in the Yorkshire Dales is returning to the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes after a summer tour.

Leaflet shows trail bikers the right way to go

Thursday 04 October 2007
TRAIL bike riders will soon be able to get guidance on what parts of the Yorkshire Dales National Park they can use.

Grey squirrels to go on the Pill?

Thursday 04 October 2007
GOVERNMENT scientists are working on a contraceptive pill for grey squirrels, it was revealed today. The aim is to control the spread of the invading American greys before they wipe the few remaining pockets of the native red squirrel, some of which survive in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Climate change drama for Dales children

Wednesday 03 October 2007
Schoolchildren will be getting to grips with the problems of climate change at two special events being held in the Yorkshire Dales next week.

Music and dance in Northallerton

Wednesday 03 October 2007
Hundreds of people gathered in Northallerton for two days of music and dance.

Dismay over massive Yorkshire building plans

Tuesday 02 October 2007
THE Government has scrapped house building targets projected by its own supporters in Yorkshire and Humberside - and doubled them. It will mean half a million new homes in the region by 2020, claims the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

When will FMD controls be lifted? - CLA

Tuesday 02 October 2007
FARMERS and landowners are asking Defra to predict when foot and mouth restrictions will be lifted in the North of England, more than 200 miles away from the Surrey outbreaks.

Hill farmers welcome mart re-opening

Monday 01 October 2007
LIVESTOCK marts in the Yorkshire Dales will re-open this Thursday, October 4, after foot and mouth travel restrictions are lifted in "low risk zones" - a massive relief for hill farmers who need to get their stock, and particularly sheep, to market before precious upland grazing runs out.

North Yorkshire residents - you be the judge

Monday 01 October 2007
RESIDENTS of North Yorkshire are being given the opportunity to hear criminal cases and give their verdict on which sentence best fits the crime as part of an interactive event next month been held as part of Inside Justice Week.


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