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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 27th July

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

Create new flood plains - CLA

Friday 27 July 2007
FARMERS and land owners have offered to cooperate with the Government to prevent future large-scale flooding by creating artificial floodplains - areas of open land set aside to take up excess water in order to protect towns and villages downstream.

£55 million bill for farm payments IT

Friday 27 July 2007
THE much-troubled Rural Payments Agency, still struggling to sort out subsidy payments for thousands of English farmers, has been landed with a £55 million bill for extra computer software capable of dealing with the new single farm payments scheme, Parliament was told yesterday.

Government says no to North Yorkshire super council

Thursday 26 July 2007
DISTRICT COUNCIL leaders have welcomed the announcement that plans to create a single unitary council for North Yorkshire have been thrown out.

Yorkshire spy base to be part of controversial missile defence system

Thursday 26 July 2007
A NORTH YORKSHIRE spy base is set to form part of America's highly controversial missile defence shield following a UK government announcement.

Safety roadshow at Dales reservoir

Wednesday 25 July 2007
BRAND NEW signs have been erected around one of North Yorkshire's most popular beauty spots in a bid to cut out illegal parking.

Better testing finds more TB in cattle

Wednesday 25 July 2007
The Badger Trust has welcomed the latest bovine TB statistics, which reveal that new testing procedures are finding more TB-infected cattle herds.

CLA Game Fair cancelled

Tuesday 24 July 2007
THE CLA Game Fair has been cancelled for the first time in its 49 year history following adverse, and worse than predicted weather, which has hit Harewood Estate over the last 48 hours.

Cash for young homeless project

Tuesday 24 July 2007
AN innovative new project to tackle homelessness amongst 16 and 17 year olds in one Yorkshire Dales district has won Government funding.

North Yorkshire Police officers honoured

Monday 23 July 2007
A NUMBER of North Yorkshire police officers will receive recognition this coming Friday (27 July) for their commitment to communities across the Yorkshire Dales.

Dales hamlets celebrate the works

Monday 23 July 2007
TWO Yorkshire Dales villages used their communities' recent annual sports day and gala to celebrate connection to the Yorkshire Water sewerage network for the first time.


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