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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 23rd February

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

How well is your house asks National Park bosses

Friday 23 February 2007
INVESTORS in Cumbria building society have raised £11, 000 to help conserve the endangered red squirrel through a project that works across Northern England, including areas of the Yorkshire Dales.

New "right to roam" row

Friday 23 February 2007
OWNERS of traditional buildings in the dales will be able to learn about ways to help them keep their properties in tip top condition.

Farm payment debacle to cost £305 million

Thursday 22 February 2007
THE European Union is to fine the British Government a massive third of a billion pounds for the debacle which left thousands of English farmers on the verge of bankruptcy because of late subsidy payments.

Strange bedfellows in post office protest

Thursday 22 February 2007
REPRESENTATIVES of dozens of organisations which would not normally be seen as allies met in London this week to protest about Government proposals for close 2,500 rural post offices.

New "right to roam" row

Thursday 22 February 2007
THE GOVERNMENT seems set to walk into another "right to roam" row - which caused much bitterness in areas like the Yorkshire Dales - over it plans to develop a 3,000 mile right-of-way around the English coastline.

Cookery event success provides boost for dales hill farmers

Wednesday 21 February 2007
AN EVENT held as part of a project that could pay dividends for upland farmers in the Yorkshire Dales has been hailed a success.

Patients benefit from exercise scheme at Dales practice

Wednesday 21 February 2007
PATIENTS at a village GP practice in the northern dales will be the first in North Yorkshire to benefit from a personally tailored exercise scheme being run in their own surgery.

Mass lay-offs whilst experts monitor turkey flu danger

Tuesday 20 February 2007
BERNARD Matthews, the factory-farming company involved in the Suffolk avian 'flu outbreak, is to lay-off 500 workers as it sales of turkey dishes have dropped by 40%, it is reported today.

Dales operatic society entertains with songs from the shows

Tuesday 20 February 2007
A YORKSHIRE DALES Operatic Society is set to entertain audiences next month as it performs a number of songs made famous in shows and musicals.

Belt-up blitz for North Yorkshire

Monday 19 February 2007
A WEEK-LONG blitz on seatbelt offences kicks off from today across North Yorkshire.

High profile support for 'Farming Matters' campaign

Monday 19 February 2007
FAMOUS faces from across the political spectrum, gold medal-winning athletes and leading environmentalists have all shown their support for British agriculture by signing up to the 'Why Farming Matters' campaign.

Hunting ban hits fox population

Monday 19 February 2007
AS MANY country folk forecast, the ban on fox hunting has turned out to be bad news for foxes - because their numbers are in decline in many areas.

Parking found for Ripon workers during redevelopment

Saturday 17 February 2007
THERE is good news this week for shoppers and workers in Ripon city centre as it is announced that alternative car parking facilities will be in place during major redevelopment work on West of the Market Place.


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