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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 15th September

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

Tebay launch sees high-tech crime busting cameras rolled out

Friday 15 September 2006
TEBAY was the venue earlier this month for the launch of an expanded scheme aimed at targeting travelling criminals and drivers who break the law.

Gore film returns to farming roots to tackle climate change

Thursday 14 September 2006
A ground-breaking new film on the dangers of global warming hits the silver screen this week and places farmers firmly at the centre of solutions to climate change.

Schools admissions help for North Yorkshire parents

Thursday 14 September 2006
SEPTEMBER 2007 may seem a long way off but it is never too soon to be thinking about your child's education according to school bosses at North Yorkshire County Council.

War on the river bank: otter-v-mink

Wednesday 13 September 2006
IN ONE of the best pieces of good news from the countryside in years, Oxford University scientists have uncovered a secret war on the river bank - and for a change, the Brits are winning.

New signs point way to a greener Thirsk

Wednesday 13 September 2006
THE Dales market town of Thirsk has become home to the first of a new breed of environmentally friendly street sign.

North Yorkshire parents warned of new road safety law

Tuesday 12 September 2006
DRIVERS in North Yorkshire are being urged to make sure they're ready for a change in the law next week on the safety of children in cars

Dales roads hit as caravan sales soar

Tuesday 12 September 2006
A WELCOME sunny break coincided with the last weekend of the school holidays in some areas to bring a flood of caravans to the roads of the Yorkshire Dales - because caravan and motor-home sales have reached a record high.

Plans to remove "blot" on Dales landscape

Tuesday 12 September 2006
ALTHOUGH the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales is famous throughout the world, it is lacking in one vital aspect: it has fewer trees than any other national park in the British Isles.

Rare bird of prey still faces persecution across northern England

Monday 11 September 2006
FIVE years on from the launch of a monitoring programme and newly released figures show that numbers of England's most endangered bird of prey remain a pale shadow of what they could be.

A trip down memory lane for Northallerton Hospital

Monday 11 September 2006
A YORKSHIRE DALES Hospital is set to take a trip down memory lane as a new book is written about its history.

Delays expected as work begins on Yorkshire Dales road

Monday 11 September 2006
MOTORISTS using one of the Yorkshire Dales' busiest routes are being warned of delays ahead as work begins to increase safety and improve driving conditions.

Village hall cash for Northern Dales communities

Monday 11 September 2006
VILLAGERS across parts of the Northern Yorkshire Dales are being encouraged to take advantage of a pot of cash available to help maintain their community hall.

Pennines drive to save the lapwing

Saturday 09 September 2006
A five-year project aimed at helping the bird known as the farmer's friend is being launched by the RSPB. It will, hopefully, prove that farmers receive a hidden bonus by protecting birdlife.


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