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Country News - 2005

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Cheese-makers "in shock" by Stilton threat

Friday 30 December 2005
YORKSHIRE cheese-makers were sent into a state of shock this week by the news that the Food Standards Agency is threatening to force the makers of "the king of English cheeses" - Blue Stilton - to change its centuries-old recipe because it is too salty.

Hunting turnout infuriates antis

Thursday 29 December 2005
ANTI-field sports activists are pressing the Government to tighten up the laws banning foxhunting after a huge turnout by pro-hunt supporters on Boxing Day - despite that fact that most hounds were chasing scented drags rather than foxes.

The great Boxing Day lie - in!

Friday 23 December 2005
MARKET research by a leading brand of pickle manufacturers has made liars of many of us who say we like to go out for a brisk walk on Boxing Day to burn off the Christmas calories.

Web help for confused farmers

Thursday 22 December 2005
REVOLUTIONARY changes in the way that farm subsidies are to be paid, combined with a plethora of grants for environmental protection schemes, have left thousands of British farmers confused - and sometimes out of pocket.

Online boost for village halls

Wednesday 21 December 2005
Halting the decline of village halls is the aim as rural affairs department DEFRA launches a new online information hub entitled 'Community Halls for Rural People' on its website.

Billboard free Christmas - for some

Wednesday 21 December 2005
AS hundreds of thousands of motorists prepare for long journeys to see friends and family over Christmas, they will be passing hundreds of illegal advertising hoardings on the sides of tractors, trailers and temporary screens placed in fields alongside motorways and major trunk roads.

Crisis CAP talks start today

Thursday 15 December 2005
PRIME Minister Tony Blair was facing defeat in crisis talks on the notorious EU Common Agricultural policy in Brussels today, a matter of great interest to farmers in the Yorkshire Dales who are already facing a bleak Christmas because of chaos in the funding payment system.

Good news: birds living longer

Wednesday 14 December 2005
THE biggest-ever bird-ringing operation ever carried out in the UK has produced some surprising results. Despite the doom and gloom in many conservationist circles, it has found that wild birds are living longer - and migrating astonishing distances.

North Yorkshire landowner next CLA boss

Tuesday 13 December 2005
A North Yorkshire landowner with wide experience of the workings of national parks is to be the next national president of the countryside camping group, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).

Dry feet for riders

Thursday 08 December 2005
MOUNTAIN-bikers and horse riders who until now have had to ford the River Dee in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Yorkshire Dales can now look forward to keeping their feet dry.

Delight in Dales over second home back-down

Wednesday 07 December 2005
HOWLS of rage emitted from the moneymen in the City of London yesterday over a Treasury back down which was greeted with applause by hundreds of young couples in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Real Emmerdale

Tuesday 06 December 2005
CHEEKY Monkey Films invite you to have a date with your armchair for ITV Yorkshire's The Real Emmerdale.

Landowners attack CAP reform confusion

Tuesday 06 December 2005
BRITAIN'S attempts to reform the notorious EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), already under attack from France and new East European members, have received another icy blast - from Northern landowners.

Farmers asked for more access

Monday 05 December 2005
FARMERS and landowners are being asked to open up even more land to public access on top of the hundreds of thousands of acres that have already been declared open - often against the wishes of the owners - under the Right to Roam legislation.

Millions available to new rural business

Thursday 01 December 2005
WOULD-BE entrepreneurs in rural Yorkshire are being advised that there is a grant fund of £4 million available as "seed-corn" to set up new businesses - but they are warned to apply now.

Xmas bus to Dickensian fayres

Wednesday 30 November 2005
THE famous Dickensian fayre weekends in Grassington before Christmas now attract thousands of visitors from all parts of Northern England - but also cause a mega-problem by clogging up the tiny Yorkshire Dales village with hundreds of cars.

Life and death in the garden

Tuesday 29 November 2005
BRITAIN'S wild birds are facing a life or death situation brought upon by the severe weather, says the country's leading ornithological research body. And with even more harsh weather forecast in the months ahead, gardeners could come to the rescue with food, water - and information.

Daelnet wins website of the year!

Monday 28 November 2005
DAELNET, the pioneer of Internet services in the Yorkshire Dales, was judged to provide the best website in the area, it was announced at the Craven Herald & Pioneer Business Awards ceremony in Skipton at the weekend.

Natural England boss in Dales

Thursday 24 November 2005
THE future boss of England's new countryside super-quango visited the Yorkshire Dales National Park HQ yesterday - and said that the national parks would become "hugely influential" in reducing bureaucracy for farmers and landowners.

New farm safety training

Wednesday 23 November 2005
A NEW safety training course has been introduced by the Government in an attempt to improve what it calls the "poor" record of farm accidents.

Skylark and starling on "at risk" list

Tuesday 22 November 2005
THE British Trust for Ornithology is expressing growing concern about some of Britain's most popular birds which are having difficulty in raising young. They include the skylark, whose decline has been recorded for years, but also the common starling, which once flocked in thousands in rural areas close to big towns and cities.

Fly-tipping: the householder's crime

Monday 21 November 2005
A NEW law comes into force today (Monday, November 21) aimed at tackling one of the fastest growing problems in the countryside - fly-tipping. But be warned: you could become a criminal if you employ a builder or gardener who illegally dumps your rubbish.

Watt a show!

Wednesday 16 November 2005
Starting next weekend the Grassington Players will be performing their annual Dickensian show. Although the Grassington Dickensian festival doesn’t start until the 3rd December the Players will be giving a special extra show for the locals next Saturday the 26th.

EU regional grants facing cuts

Wednesday 16 November 2005
THE environment in some of Britain's wildest places - including areas of North Yorkshire - could be under threat from proposed cuts in regional development funds from the European Union, a Government minister will be told today.

"Green" farms pass 1,000 mark

Tuesday 15 November 2005
THE number of so-called "green farms" converting to environmental stewardship schemes has passed the 1,000 mark in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, the countryside ministry Defra announced today.

Another starring role for Yorkshire Dales

Thursday 10 November 2005
THE Yorkshire Dales have long been a favourite location for TV producers and they are to "star" in yet another series which starts screening next week.

D-day for Squirrel Nutkin

Wednesday 09 November 2005
A MASSIVE fightback to save England's red squirrels from extinction at the paws of foreign invaders was announced today - a wildlife D-Day which animal conservationists hope could be the start of a re-conquest of huge areas of land colonised by the American grey squirrel.

Winter wonderland walks

Tuesday 08 November 2005
WALKERS who tend to hang up their boots for winter at this time of the year are being invited to carry on hiking in the Yorkshire Dales - and let the bus take the strain.

Santa Specials On The Wensleydale Railway

Monday 07 November 2005
When Santa visits the Wensleydale Railway he does it in style! Not just presents for all the children but the adults are looked after too, with mulled wine and mince pies!

Protection needed for common land

Monday 07 November 2005
STRONGER laws are needed to protect common land from encroachment by illegal fencing, building, car parks and "other paraphernalia" says a report issued today by Britain's oldest access protection charity, the Open Spaces Society.

Village halls for 21st Century?

Thursday 03 November 2005
THE rural affairs department Defra is urging country folk to get together and share plans ways for turning their village halls into centres fit for the 21st century.

Crack-down on Dales 4 x 4s

Wednesday 02 November 2005
A MASSIVE crack-down has been announced against the owners of 4 x 4 vehicles and trail motor bikes accused of causing extensive damage to ancient "green lanes" in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

EU eyes Dales farm experiment

Tuesday 01 November 2005
A TOP European Union official is due to visit the Yorkshire Dales this week to study an intriguing experiment which aims to breath life back into long forgotten methods of traditional farming.

Hill-farming "falling apart"

Thursday 27 October 2005
BRITAIN'S ancient hill farming industry is "falling apart" because of constantly changing red-tape and the fact that farmers' children are no longer following in their parents' footsteps.

Endangered species: have your say

Wednesday 26 October 2005
A LITTLE known Government consultation process designed to gauge public opinion on the import of endangered wildlife species ends next Monday - but it has been thrown into stark relief by the admission that deadly avian flu might already have entered Britain in rare imported birds.

A Special Birthday Cake for Thomas The Tank Engine

Wednesday 26 October 2005
Christopher Awdry and Thomas the Tank Engine will be at Leeming Bar station and Bedale this week-end, October 29 and 30, to help celebrate the 60th Anniversary of publication of the first Thomas story.

Dales visitor leaves living legacy

Tuesday 25 October 2005
A SOUTH Yorkshire woman who was a regular visitor to the Yorkshire Dales National Park has left a large legacy in her will to pay for the planting of a new wood.

"Disastrous" clash over affordable homes

Monday 24 October 2005
TWO Government departments were this weekend involved in a policy clash which could prove "disastrous" for plans to increase the number of affordable homes for sale or rent in the Yorkshire Dales, according to one local housing expert.

Taking the Dales into the town

Thursday 20 October 2005
MANY Yorkshire schoolchildren living in former mill towns never get the chance to explore the magnificence of the Yorkshire Dales - so next week, a drive will start to take the Dales into the town.

"Green" farms hit 1 million hectares - but more needed

Wednesday 19 October 2005
MORE than 6,000 farmers in England have signed up for the Government's new Environmental Stewardship scheme, taking land to be farmed with the interests of wildlife in mind past the one million hectare mark - almost 2,500,000 acres.

Good news, bad news for affordable housing

Tuesday 18 October 2005
A SURVEY to calculate the demand for affordable homes in the Craven district of the Yorkshire Dales has produced both good and bad news for planners in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Anxiety grows over avian flu

Monday 17 October 2005
BRITISH scientists are to fly out to the Far East later this week to begin a detailed study of the potentially lethal avian flu virus as anxiety grew amongst British farmers and food producers that we are facing another foot-and-mouth type crisis.

Green lanes: salvation in sight?

Thursday 13 October 2005
THERE may be an end in sight for one of the longest running controversies in the Yorkshire Dales - the row over damage caused to ancient "green lanes" by 4 x 4 vehicles and trail motorbikes used for leisure.

New warning for flood victims

Wednesday 12 October 2005
AS CARLISLE was hit by more floods overnight, and heavy rain was predicted for the North West and the Yorkshire Dales, the Environment Agency today issued a stern warning that five million people in England and Wales were living in potential flood areas.

Lynx back in the Dales?

Tuesday 11 October 2005
THERE was speculation today that the wild lynx, a predatory member of the cat family roughly the size of an Alsatian dog, might be re-introduced to the Yorkshire Dales - thanks to an edict from the European Union.

"Green" stamp for Dales woods

Monday 10 October 2005
TWO areas of woodland managed by the Yorkshire Dales National Park have won a coveted stamp of approval for the way in which they produce timber in sustainable cycles.

Threat to Ribble salmon

Wednesday 05 October 2005
AS the autumn run of salmon into Northern rivers gets underway following heavy rain last weekend, the Environment Agency has is issued an emergency appeal to anglers to return their catches unharmed in rivers where stocks are under extreme threat.

Fattening up Prickles for winter

Tuesday 04 October 2005
THE ever-active British Hedgehog Preservation Society has issued another appeal for help - this time to save the lives of prickly, homeless juveniles who are facing a long, hard winter.

Help through food red-tape nightmare

Monday 03 October 2005
HELP is at hand for business victims lost in the Government's latest red-tape maze, the new traceability regulations for the food and drinks industry which mean people must be able to prove the source of their products.

Taxpayers fear for their public parks

Thursday 29 September 2005
THE British public fears for the future of its parks because of vandalism and anti-social behaviour so much that taxpayers are prepared to pay more to see them protected, according to a national survey.

Help needed to save woodland birds

Wednesday 28 September 2005
Mysterious declines of woodland birds are prompting conservationists to issue urgent advice on how to improve management of English woods and forests.

Macmillan biggest coffee morning

Tuesday 27 September 2005
At The Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel and Spa, Bolton Abbey and The Devonshire Fell Hotel and Restaurant, Burnsall.

Paperwork mountain threatens farm payments

Tuesday 27 September 2005
FARMERS and landowners who have applied for payments from the newly created Rural Payments Agency (RPA) are being warned to fill in yet another form - or risk missing not getting paid for years ahead.

The new events website for Craven is now live

Monday 26 September 2005
The web site will include a comprehensive listing of all the events taking place in Craven along with useful information for events organisers on funding, marketing, and events management.

Wind farms "gaining foothold" - CPRE

Wednesday 21 September 2005
PLANS for windfarms in the most beautiful parts of Britain are being given approval in areas where, in the past, they have always been rejected, says a report issued today by the Council for the Protection of Rural England.

Austwick goes broadband

Thursday 15 September 2005
AN AREA of 50 square miles around the Yorkshire Dales village of Austwick switched onto broadband web services today at a press conference organised by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Farmers could solve fuel crisis - claim

Wednesday 14 September 2005
AS BRITAIN teetered this morning on the edge of a fuel crisis blockade that could bring our roads to a standstill, one of the country's leading observers claimed that farmers could grow the country out of future oil crises.

Camping boom: good or bad?

Tuesday 13 September 2005
CAMPING and caravanning has had a boom summer according to figures published by the Camping and Caravanning Club - news which will receive a mixed reception in the Yorkshire Dales.

Mushrooms and spinners: October in the Dales

Tuesday 13 September 2005
AS AUTUMN approaches, the Yorkshire Dales National Park has organised a series of events with a seasonal twist - including advice on how to collect mushrooms and other fungi.

Countryside "all but gone" by 2035 - CPRE

Friday 09 September 2005
IN ONE of the most devastating attacks ever launched on Government policies towards rural areas, the Campaign to Protect Rural England today claims that most of Britain's countryside will have disappeared by the year 2035 - a single generation away

Golden autumn forecast

Wednesday 07 September 2005
NEXT month could bring one of the most colourful autumns for many years because of the dry summer, says the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation body.

After wolves and bears, now wild boar...

Tuesday 06 September 2005
THE Government has announced a nationwide survey to judge the potential threat from wild boar - just as Daelnet highlighted concerns over the possible release of wolves and bears in Britain.

New member for Dales national park

Thursday 01 September 2005
A VACANCY has arisen for someone who loves the countryside to take an active role in preserving the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Conservationists row over cormorants

Wednesday 31 August 2005
A Government decision announced today to allow the shooting of 3,000 cormorants on inland waterways has sparked yet another bitter row amongst rival conservation groups. And it was the second such spat to erupt this week.

Bird flu' risk "low," say scientists

Tuesday 30 August 2005
GOVERNMENT scientists and Britain's leading ornithologists issued a statement over the Bank Holiday weekend to calm fears about the possible spread of avian flu to the UK by migrating birds.

Peregrines pull 'em in

Thursday 25 August 2005
A PAIR of nesting peregrine falcons have been one of the biggest visitor attractions in the Yorkshire Dales National Park this summer.

Roadside billboards "spreading like a rash"

Wednesday 24 August 2005
MILLIONS of motorists heading for a drive in the country this Bank Holiday weekend will have their views spoiled - and their road safety put at risk - by advertising billboards more than ten feet high.

Boost for rural development schemes

Tuesday 23 August 2005
RURAL development schemes designed to help not just farming but other business and social enterprises in the countryside have been given a major boost in Yorkshire, according to the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

End of the road for the plough?

Monday 22 August 2005
TENS of thousands of acres of Yorkshire farmland may have been ploughed for the last time after the current harvest, says the Country Land and Business Association. It means the end of centuries of tradition.

Dales bridleway opens - at last

Thursday 18 August 2005
AFTER more than a decade of controversy, walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders will have a new, designated route to explore through the Yorkshire Dales from today (18 August, 2005) as the latest phase of the Pennine Bridleway National Trail is opened.

Butterflies, birds and mines in Yorkshire Dales

Wednesday 17 August 2005
THE Yorkshire Dales National Park has organised a series of events for visitors and locals alike during September. They include walks and talks about butterflies, birds and the history of the lead mining industry.

More flak for Prescott planners

Tuesday 16 August 2005
THE storm of protest over planning reforms backed by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott will intensify yet further today (Tuesday) when another powerful lobby group joins the campaign.

Barns owls: more good news for British birds

Monday 15 August 2005
A BIG increase in the barn owl population announced over the weekend is yet another indicator that Britain's wild birds are back on the increase after years of decline.

Landmark housing decision in national park

Thursday 11 August 2005
EIGHT news homes are to be built in one of the Yorkshire Dales' most famous villages after a bitter row which has split the local community.

Planning rap for national park

Wednesday 10 August 2005
THE Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is to change the way its planning committee works after receiving a rap on the knuckles from the Government's financial watchdog.

Spring IS getting earlier - BBC

Monday 08 August 2005
AS MANY country folk predicted, spring is getting earlier - a fact confirmed by 150,000 TV viewers who volunteered information for Bill Oddie's Springwatch TV programme earlier in the year, the current issue of the English Nature Magazine reports.

Dales hamlet celebrates...with water

Thursday 04 August 2005
RESIDENTS of a tiny Yorkshire Dales hamlet were celebrating today - with a new for old water supply thanks to a government grant of almost £23,000.

Organic farms boost wildlife - survey

Thursday 04 August 2005
THE biggest ever survey carried out in Britain to study the effects of farm practices on wildlife has proved that organic farms support a vastly greater range of wild creatures ranging from bats to beetles.

"Hands off" Northern green belts

Wednesday 03 August 2005
THE green belt planning system came into force 50 years ago today and the anniversary immediately became the centre of a bitter row amongst politicians from London and the South East.

Dales airlift to repair bridleways

Tuesday 02 August 2005
A HELICOPTER airlift is underway in the Yorkshire Dales to repair damaged bridleways which - ironically - cannot be reached by conventional lorries because they would make the damage even worse.

New ban on 4 x 4s on Dales "green lanes"

Monday 01 August 2005
ANCIENT "green lanes" which have criss-crossed the Yorkshire Dales for centuries are to be given further protection from leisure vehicles like 4 x 4 off-roaders and trail motorbikes.

Quarryman re-elected to national park chair

Thursday 28 July 2005
COUNC. Carl Lis, leader of Craven District Council, has been unanimously re-elected as chairman of the Yorkshire Dales National Park for the second year running.

More success for Skipton BS group

Wednesday 27 July 2005
THE astonishing success of the Skipton Building Society and its now 15 subsidiaries continues with the announcement yesterday of more growth and profits in the half-year financial results.

Praise for Dales city drive

Monday 25 July 2005
EFFORTS by the Yorkshire Dales National Park to persuade more city folk to visit the countryside have received an official pat on the back from a Government minister.

Going wild in the Dales

Thursday 21 July 2005
HOLIDAYING youngsters - and their parents - are being invited to spend some of their holidays learning about the huge variety of wildlife in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Pheasant disease alert: UK & France act

Wednesday 20 July 2005
AS poultry farmers and game-bird breeders in North Yorkshire go on alert after last week's outbreak of Newcastle disease in pheasants - which can quickly turn into a killer plague for domestic birds - Britain and France have acted quickly to isolate areas of possible infection.

Dales to mark national parks week

Tuesday 19 July 2005
BRITAIN'S national parks will this weekend begin a week-long celebration of their work - and the Yorkshire Dales park has drawn up a list of events designed to attract both locals and visitors alike.

Government house plans "environmental vandalism" - CPRE

Tuesday 19 July 2005
GOVERNMENT plans to vastly increase the supply of greenfield sites for new housing were condemned yesterday as "environmental vandalism" by the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Players Present Popular Tribute

Friday 15 July 2005
Enduring favourite 'Dad's Army' forms the backbone of Grassington Players contribution to the VE Day celebrations.

Hay meadow boost for Dales farmers

Thursday 14 July 2005
YORKSHIRE Dales hill farmers are being offered the chance to earn desperately needed extra income by replanting the areas' traditional flower-rich hay meadows.

National park staff win new awards

Wednesday 13 July 2005
THREE members of the Yorkshire Dales National Park staff have become some of the first people in England to win new awards for their skills in helping tourists with advice and information.

Top brass at Great Yorkshire Show

Tuesday 12 July 2005
THE Great Yorkshire Show opens today and visitors will include top Defra officials and regional development agency bosses intent on demonstrating their pro-countryside commitments.

Scot new Yorkshire rural director

Monday 11 July 2005
A SCOTSMAN with a long history of conservation work in Yorkshire has been appointed as the new director to push through government reforms on the way rural affairs are managed.

Hill farmers face extinction - National Trust

Wednesday 06 July 2005
BRITAIN'S hill farming industry, a vital lynchpin to country life in areas like the Yorkshire Dales, faced extinction by 2012, says a damning report published today by the National Trust.

"Green" farming shambles, says NFU

Tuesday 05 July 2005
THE Government's flagship plans to convert Britain to more environmentally friendly farming are in a state of shambles because of computer software problems, the National Farmers' Union claimed yesterday.

Radio's jazz season continues

Monday 04 July 2005
Drystone Radio, the region's community radio station presents Dylan Howe's Five Corners.

Good news for most birds

Monday 04 July 2005
AFTER many years of decline, most species of British birds, including summer migrants, seem to have turned the corner and are prospering, according to figures published today.

On-line help for bird-lovers

Wednesday 29 June 2005
THE British Trust for Ornithology, the country's leading body for ornithological research, has come up with an on-line advice guide for the millions of ordinary people - and their children - who take a keen but amateur interest in the subject.

Yorkshire base for Natural England

Monday 27 June 2005
THE Government's new, all-embracing countryside watchdog is to be based in Yorkshire, it was announced over the weekend. Although the base in Sheffield is still a long way from the Yorkshire Dales, the news has been greeted with relief by many Dales environmental experts.

Hay meadow seed harvesting demonstration events

Friday 24 June 2005
TWO events aiming to boost the income of farmers with traditionally managed hay meadows are being run in July.

Blair promises village hall help

Thursday 23 June 2005
PRIME Minister Tony Blair has personally promised to "look into" the new licensing laws scandal which could force hundreds of village halls into bankruptcy.

East meets West at Dales museum

Wednesday 22 June 2005
Textile artists Jill Clay and Katie Chaplin will be running a series of workshops on Japanese arts and crafts at the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority's Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes next month.

National park spinning a yarn

Tuesday 21 June 2005
YARN spinning and a floral frenzy for garden lovers are amongst the organised events planned within the Yorkshire Dales National Park in July, alongside a programme of accompanied walks over some of the most scenic routes in Britain.

Government to act on rural housing?

Monday 20 June 2005
COUNCILLORS, planners and property developers in the Yorkshire Dales were today pondering suggestions that the Government is about to create a special department to deal with the problems of rural housing.

Storms flood North York Moors

Monday 20 June 2005
FREAK thunderstorms which travelled over North Yorkshire yesterday afternoon and evening caused flash flooding on the North York Moors

Now that's what i call entertainment!

Friday 17 June 2005
Have you ever wondered how Esther Rantzen got involved with the Samaritans for kids charity, Childline – or even ‘Celebrity Come Dancing’, for that matter?

"Unprecedented threat" to green belts - CPRE

Thursday 16 June 2005
THE Council to Protect Rural England today launches a blistering attack on Government policies which, it claims, are putting Britain's green belts "under unprecedented threat."

Morrisons' top award

Wednesday 15 June 2005
YORKSHIRE Dales shoppers who use Morrison's stores in Skipton or Kendal are getting the best deal in Britain - despite the financial troubles attracting national newspaper headlines to the Bradford-based supermarket chain.

Dales map for less experienced walkers

Tuesday 14 June 2005
A new map has been produced to help inexperienced walkers enjoy the Sedbergh area of the Yorkshire Dales.

Cash boost for rural stress workers

Thursday 09 June 2005
VOLUNTEERS and community workers who help country people suffering from stress are being offered a £500,000 boost by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Quick calls to national park

Wednesday 08 June 2005
THE Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has installed a state of the art telephone system to provide faster service to members of the public seeking advice or information.

Bad weather brings bird deaths

Tuesday 07 June 2005
THE appalling spring weather this year has dramatically cut the number of swallows and other summer visitors coming to Britain - and scientists are investigating increased deaths of baby chicks hatched by some native species.

Going is good for Ripon Ladies Day

Friday 03 June 2005
Preparations are underway for the annual Ladies Day at Ripon Racecourse on Thursday, 9th June.

Glebe Barn celebrates 3rd birthday

Thursday 02 June 2005
Glebe Barn, the high quality bed and breakfast in Burnsall run by Alison and Robert Fort, recently celebrated its third anniversary, having opened its doors to its first paying customers at Easter 2002.

Double win for Dales quarry

Thursday 02 June 2005
A QUARRY operating in one of the most sensitive areas of the Yorkshire Dales has won a double first prize in its efforts to encourage wildlife.

Ten-day deadline for farm payments

Wednesday 01 June 2005
FARMERS and landowners applying for grants under the new single payment regulations are being warned that they only have ten days left to make their final applications.

Hoglets at the bottom of the garden

Tuesday 31 May 2005
COUNTRY gardeners are likely to have some new visitors on their patch in the next few weeks - and animal lovers are asking that they should be given a helping hand.

Right to roam arrives in the Dales

Thursday 26 May 2005
THE CONTROVERSIAL "right to roam" Act comes to the Yorkshire Dales National Park this weekend, throwing open large areas of land which previously were forbidden to walkers.

Shadow over green belt anniversary

Wednesday 25 May 2005
THE green belt designed to preserve space between ever-expanding towns and villages is celebrating its 50th anniversary under the most sustained attack in its history, according to one of Britain's best respected countryside protection groups.

On-line health and safety help for farmers

Tuesday 24 May 2005
HEALTH and safety issues have long been a source of confusion for farmers because the rules and regulations change so often so the Health and Safety Executive has created an Internet help line especially for them..

Skipton savers' £1 million boost for NSPCC

Thursday 19 May 2005
THOUSANDS of savers with tax-free ISA accounts at the Skipton Building Society have donated a massive £400,000 to the funds of the child-cruelty body, the NSPCC.

Guarded welcome for countryside bills

Wednesday 18 May 2005
RADICAL new measures for the promotion of rural communities and wildlife announced yesterday in the Queen's Speech to Parliament have met with a guarded response from a wide range of conservation organisations.

Young conservationists share Dales award

Wednesday 18 May 2005
Two leading young Dales conservationists have both been awarded a prize of £500 in recognition of their outstanding achievement, both as volunteers and professionally, in their work for the Yorkshire Dales.

MCLA 'Yorkshire Day' Festival Weekend 2005

Tuesday 17 May 2005
Masham opens the door of hospitality to inviting you to join the 2nd "Yorkshire Day Festival" on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st July.

Open Day at Gargrave Lawn Tennis Club

Monday 16 May 2005
Craven Lawn Tennis Club in Gargrave will be holding another Open Day on Sunday 5th June 2005 from 11am - 5pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to try their hand at tennis or croquet, or simply to come along and see what Tennis at Gargrave is all about.

Canal wildlife - help wanted

Thursday 12 May 2005
BRITAIN'S canal system, which only forty years ago was considered by many as a stinking and dangerous chain of stagnant pools, has now become one of the country's leading wildlife sanctuaries - and scientists are trying to find out just how important it is.

Search starts for country custodians

Wednesday 11 May 2005
A COUNTYWIDE search is launched in Yorkshire today to recognise the important conservation work carried out by people whose efforts are often misunderstood: game keepers and water bailiffs.

Huge threat to wildflower species

Monday 09 May 2005
BRITAIN'S wildflowers are at risk, with no fewer tha 345 species at risk of extinction, according to a report published today by the Government's Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

Rural seats will have major election impact

Thursday 05 May 2005
ALTHOUGH the opinion polls are predicting another Labour win, today's general election results in country constituencies could be a key factor in the make-up of the next Parliament, many experts believe.

Counties ignore road clutter plea - CPRE

Wednesday 04 May 2005
A CAMPAIGN to clear up roadside clutter which is disfiguring many rural highways has been ignored by most English county councils, including those in Yorkshire, according to the Council to Protect Rural England.

Paxman speaks up for country sports

Tuesday 03 May 2005
COUNTRY sports enthusiasts have won a rare new champion in the London media thanks to childhood days spent fishing in the Yorkshire Dales: the TV presenter Jeremy Paxman.

Soaring tourism at Malham Cove

Thursday 28 April 2005
LUCKY visitors to one of the Yorkshire Dale's most famous landmarks, Malham Cove, may from next week be able to soar to new heights by studying the fastest animal on earth, the majestic peregrine falcon.

"Chaos" over single farm payments - CLA

Wednesday 27 April 2005
THE Country Land and Business Association is claiming that it has been forced to come to the rescue of the Government department responsible for settling future farm payments under new EU rules.

BIU World BikeTrial Championship 2005

Tuesday 26 April 2005
On 23rd and 24th of July 2005 the United Kingdom is to hold for the first time a round of the BIU World BikeTrial Championship. The BIU is the BikeTrial International Union, with its Head Office based in Japan.

Dales businesses going green

Tuesday 26 April 2005
MANY small businesses in the Yorkshire Dales have a "green" conscience - and some like to do more environmentally friendly work, according to the preliminary results of a survey carried out by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Positive spin-off from hunt ban

Monday 25 April 2005
THE BAN on foxhunting has led to an unexpected surge in interest in equine-based businesses, according to the Country Land and Business Association. The reason: hunter owners are seeking ways of keeping their mounts active rather than face the macabre choice of having them put down.

Stop-gap talks on "green lane" traffic

Thursday 21 April 2005
AFTER more than a decade of trying to find legal methods of tackling one of the most controversial problems in the Yorkshire Dales - the use of ancient "green lanes" by leisure vehicles like 4 x 4s and trail motorbikes - talks may start soon on a voluntary control system.

Out and about in the Yorkshire Dales

Wednesday 20 April 2005
VISITORS and local residents are being asked to get their boots on to take part in a series of guided walks during the merry month of May.

Windfarm battle begins today

Tuesday 19 April 2005
ONE OF the most important planning enquiries ever to affect Britain's rural landscape opens in Cumbria today over plans which, say critics, would in effect "industrialise rural England."

Marketing Company To Work With Soap Script Hotelier

Monday 18 April 2005
Manifest Marketing, a Dales firm gaining a name for itself offering PR and advertising support to clients in the area, is to provide professional advice to a characterful hotel and restaurant in Bingley.

Foxes preying on newborn lambs

Monday 18 April 2005
WITH lambing well underway on the hill farms of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, reports are beginning to come in of attacks on newborn animals by foxes which can no longer be hunted.

Dales go-ahead for "locals only" housing

Thursday 14 April 2005
AFTER a minor hiccup, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has finally approved its controversial new policy of permitting new house building only for sale or rent to local people.

Biosecurity advice for livestock marts

Wednesday 13 April 2005
OFFICIALS from Defra, local authorities and farming organisations have launched a drive for better biosecurity at Yorkshire's livestock markets and a series of advice "road shows" will be visiting the Yorkshire Dales beginning later this month.

Ten days left for CAP hardship grants

Tuesday 12 April 2005
HILL FARMERS struggling with the complexities of the CAP singly payment scheme still have ten days to apply for hardship grants, thanks to pressure on Defra from the NFU and the CLA.

Dales archaeology sell-out

Thursday 07 April 2005
A SEMINAR to discuss the unique archaeology of the Yorkshire Dales has proved so popular that all the tickets have been sold a week before it is due to take place.

Weighing in the 2005 changes at Ripon Racecourse

Thursday 07 April 2005
The new flat season at Ripon, Yorkshire’s Garden Racecourse, begins on Thursday 14th April with an afternoon of racing excitement featuring the Ripon Silver Bowl Conditions Stakes.

Landowners launch election manifesto

Wednesday 06 April 2005
YORKSHIRE landowners and rural business owners have launched their own manifesto for the general election campaign demanding more inward investment into the countryside and a slashing of Government red tape which hinders rural development.

New old face at national park

Tuesday 05 April 2005
THE Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has a new member - and a former employee - in Andrew Osborne, who worked as the park's media officer for five years before becoming a regional director of the environmental charity EnCams.

Yorkshire birdlife doing well - Defra

Monday 04 April 2005
Figures published at the weekend by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) show bird populations in Yorkshire and Humber have risen above the national trend. Species doing particularly well include grey heron and stock dove.

Pennine Way celebrations

Wednesday 30 March 2005
FINAL preparations are underway for the 50th anniversary celebrations of one of the great innovations in the English countryside - the opening of the 268-mile-long Pennine Way.

CAP capers - landowners fights back

Thursday 24 March 2005
COUNTRY landowners have launched a stinging retort to allegations made yesterday that the vast bulk of EU farm subsidy payments have for years been creamed off by their members and huge agri-industrial conglomerates

CAP capers: the truth comes too late

Wednesday 23 March 2005
THE total idiocy of the notorious Common Agricultural Policy was finally revealed yesterday - but too late to save British taxpayers billions of pounds.

New Spring & Summer stock now in at Eric Spencer

Tuesday 22 March 2005
Eric Spencer of Ilkley are pleased to announce the final deliveries of our extensive Spring/Summer stock have now been received.

GM crops threaten wildlife - RSPB

Tuesday 22 March 2005
Wild birds would be badly affected if GM herbicide-tolerant winter oilseed rape were to be grown in the UK according to the Government's owns research, says the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Harrogate firm wins second top national award

Monday 21 March 2005
Harrogate seafood emporium, Ramus Seafoods has fought off nationwide competition to be crowned 'Independent Retailer of the Year' award at top London awards ceremony.

How green is my business?

Monday 21 March 2005
BUSINESSES in the Yorkshire Dales tourist industry are being urged to "go green" - because more and more discerning visitors want to spend their holiday money in environmentally friendly ways, believe officials at the National Dales National Park Authority.

Yorkshire to have total broadband coverage

Thursday 17 March 2005
THE WHOLE of Yorkshire will have broadband Internet coverage by the end of the year, according to Yorkshire Forward, the regional development agency, announcing that it is awarding £2.2 million in grants to launch the project.

Monumental task for Dales volunteers

Wednesday 16 March 2005
Ancient monuments in the Yorkshire Dales are to be put under the microscope as experts find out how they are standing up to the ravages of time and the elements.

Craven on Craven - TV stardom for Dales

Wednesday 09 March 2005
WORK in the Yorkshire Dales National Park will come under the TV microscope this weekend in the Countryfile documentary programme fronted by veteran TV presenter, the aptly named John Craven.

More rural dismay over new shooting laws

Tuesday 08 March 2005
FARMERS and land managers are reeling again this week after news laws governing the shooting of pests were slipped into legislation without anyone knowing.

Dales welcome for new farm grants

Monday 07 March 2005
A new Government scheme aimed at rewarding farmers and other land managers who contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the countryside has been welcomed by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Defra rolls out "green farming" plans

Thursday 03 March 2005
IN WHAT are being described as "the biggest changes in farming for a generation," Defra will today announce its plans for rewarding farmers for their environmental work under the new single farm payment scheme.

Drive for cleaner animal marts

Wednesday 02 March 2005
LIVESTOCK dealers, hauliers, and the public across Yorkshire & the Humber are being urged to 'keep it clean' when visiting livestock markets.

Step out for Red Nose walk

Tuesday 01 March 2005
COUNTRYSIDE organisations throughout the country are organising special hikes to raise funds for Red Nose Day - and individuals are being invited to organise their own walks so that they can join in the fun.

Pub is the Hub expansion

Monday 28 February 2005
ONE OF the most innovative schemes for rural development - Prince Charles' the Pub is the Hub programme - is due for large-scale expansion, it was announced at the weekend

Snow stops helicopter lift

Thursday 24 February 2005
HEAVY snow on the uplands of the Yorkshire Dales has forced national park officials to abandon a dramatic helicopter airlift of foundation material for the new Pennine Bridleway Trail.

New CLA boss pledges more support for farmers

Wednesday 23 February 2005
Farmers and land managers struggling with complex agricultural reforms and new regulations are seeking expert advice at unprecedented levels, said rural business leader Mrs Susan Cunliffe-Lister.

Helicopter help for Dales horse trail

Tuesday 22 February 2005
THE LONG awaited work to complete a "Pennine Way" for horse riders across the Yorkshire Dales will begin this week - weather permitting - with a helicopter airlift lift to carry stone to build foundations across parts of Malham Moor.

Prince Charles launches rural housing campaign

Friday 18 February 2005
PRINCE Charles, a great friend of the Yorkshire Dales, may have other things on his mind at present but it will not stop him launching a new campaign for affordable rural housing today (February 18).

Going bats in the Yorkshire Dales

Thursday 17 February 2005
The first of a new monthly rota of events in the Yorkshire Dales National Park has been announced and its ranges from bat-watching to observing lambing time on local farms.

Poll boost for pro-hunting lobby

Wednesday 16 February 2005
AS the High Court today hands down its decision on whether or not the Government ban on foxhunting was legal, a newly published opinion poll says that the number of people opposing the sport has dropped from over 70% to less than half.

Thrushes boom whilst cuckoos slump

Tuesday 15 February 2005
ONCE AGAIN, it is good news, bad news for Britain's wild birds according to the latest survey by the British Trust for Ornithology, which is compiled with the help of no fewer than 30,000 amateur bird-watchers.

New countryside watchdog under attack - already

Monday 14 February 2005
GOVERNMENT plans to form a brand new countryside watchdog by combining existing agencies is already under widespread attack - and the proposals were only published last Thursday.

Confidence soars for Dales tourism

Thursday 10 February 2005
BUSINESS people in the Yorkshire Dales and other parts of the county are confident that this year will bring a boom in tourism, according to a poll carried out by the Country Land and Business Association.

Jailbird help for Valentine's Day sparrows

Wednesday 09 February 2005
MOST people know the meaning of St Valentine's Day in its modern concept - ie yet another campaign by the retail industry to sell more goods - but few realise that the actual day, February 14, is a key date in the wildlife calendar.

"Politically incorrect" walks saved

Tuesday 08 February 2005
AN UNKNOWN benefactor has stepped forward to save free guided walks in the Lake District due to be abandoned because they attract "too many middle aged, middle class white people."

Property boom boost for SBS

Friday 04 February 2005
THE Skipton Building Society, which a week ago announced a £10 million drive to help build rental homes for key workers in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, has netted record profits on the back of the property price boom.

Global warming threat to Dales birds - RSPB

Thursday 03 February 2005
SEVERAL species of rare birds that breed in the uplands of the Yorkshire Dales and other Pennine areas are at risk from global warning, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reported yesterday.

British ladybirds under threat

Wednesday 02 February 2005
ONE of Britain's best loved - and most useful - insects, the ladybird, is under twin threats from global warming yet another invader from North America, the harlequin ladybird.

New clash over town "country belts"

Tuesday 01 February 2005
A NEW Government policy aimed at making better use of the rural landscape around urban centres has received a strong rebuff from land-owners - because they were not consulted.

North "being left to rot" - CPRE

Monday 31 January 2005
ON THE eve of a national conference due to open in Manchester to discuss the future of "sustainable communities" in the UK, Government plans today came under withering attack from the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Breakthrough on Dales homes for key workers

Thursday 27 January 2005
YET another major breakthrough on efforts to provide affordable housing for key workers in the Yorkshire Dales National Park received a warm welcome yesterday (January 27).

Another payment blow for Dales farmers

Wednesay 26 January 2005
HILL FARMERS in the Yorkshire Dales, who work some of the toughest land in Britain and who are already under severe financial pressures, have received another blow from the Government: they won't get paid for a year!

Welcome for crackdown on Dales 4x4s

Tuesday 25 January 2005
A DECADE-old battle to prevent 4x4s and motorised trail bikes churning up ancient "green lanes" In the Yorkshire Dales for fun has been welcomed by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

North expansion plans endanger countryside - CPRE

Monday 24 January 2005
OPTIMISTIC Government plans to bring prosperity to the North of England to match the boom in the South East have been criticises as "too vague" and a possible danger to the countryside by one of England's most respected countryside bodies.

Historic housing decision for Yorkshire Dales

Thursday 20 January 2005
AS expected, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority yesterday made the historic decision to ban wealthy incomers from snapping up newly built houses and conversions - a decision which is being watched with interest and concern across the UK.

Dales housing makes national news

Wednesday 19 January 2005
AS the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority was meeting today to vote on a landmark decision on rural housing, its plans were being watched with interest throughout the UK - and were highlighted on the BBC radio's flagship radio programme.

Government U-turn on country shows

Tuesday 18 January 2005
AFTER vehement criticism from a consortium of countryside organisations, the Government has made a U-turn by promising that it will not put small country shows and gymkhanas out of business by imposing huge increases in drink-sales licences.

New Year cash for national park

Monday 17 January 2005
THE Yorkshire Dales National Park has received a New Year cash bonus with the announcement that its Government grant has been increased by £320,000

Deadline near for farm hardship grants

Thursday 13 January 2005
FARMERS who work particularly difficult land - which includes many hill farms in the Yorkshire Dales - are being warned that they only have until the end of this month to apply for special hardship grants.

Crunch vote nears on Dales housing

Tuesday 11 January 2005
ONE of the most significant votes ever taken in the Yorkshire Dales National Park to tackle the decades-old shortage of affordable housing for local people will be decided next week - and is already attracting close attention from other parts of the UK.

Badgers and bovine TB: a rural dilemma

Tuesday 11 January 2005
CONSERVATIONISTS, farmers and landowners are today digesting a report from Ireland which raises the possibility of yet another emotive clash in the countryside: proof that badgers spread TB to cattle.

Disaster relief teams for animal victims of tsunami

Monday 10 January 2005
DISASTER relief teams from the London-based World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), an international UN-recognised charity representing nearly 500 member societies worldwide, are en route to aid the animal victims of the tsunami that has devastated several countries in South East Asia and assess what needs to be done.

New taxes threaten country shows

Thursday 06 January 2005
YET ANOTHER "stealth tax" is causing uproar in rural Yorkshire because it could threaten the future of 20 of the county's highly popular agricultural shows.

Lake District wardens saved

Wednesday 05 January 2005
PLANS to axe some 100 voluntary wardens who lead people on walks in the Lake District have been shelved in a row which has led to the national park authority being accused of political correctness.

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